La Galbana

is a group of holiday apartments located on the South Eastern edge of the historical centre of Vejer de la Frontera, the most beautiful and best preserved of the “white villages” in the province of Cádiz.

We are just a few minutes’ walk from Plaza de España, the most popular square in Vejer de la Frontera

A setting combining nearness to the narrow alleys of the village and easy access by car

In the compass of 12 km. from Vejer lies Costa de la Luz, with the beaches of El Palmar, Zahora, Los Caños de Meca and legendary Cape Trafalgar.

“A quiet resting place”


Our Apartments

are a group of small bungalows built on the rock on which Vejer is perched; each of them is placed at a slightly different height and they all connect to the main garden-court and the swimming pool by short pathways and tiny stairways

The combination of small buildings, terraces, pergolas, stairways and hanging gardens is a kind of miniature replica of Vejer itself, a labyrinthine village built on a hill

As the complex looks South, all the apartments enjoy both the sunlight and the beautiful views on the sea, the coast of Cadiz and, on clear days, the coast of Morocco across the Straits.



La Galbana

La Galbana is an invitation to quiet and refreshing rest, to delight in the senses, in the beautiful views, the sound of water, the sea breeze, the smell of plants and the flavours of fruit.

As the street lighting in the village is very subdued, at night the terraces and the court of La Galbana become an excellent observatory, from which you may enjoy the view of planets and stars with particular clearness.

Both the swimming pool, covered by a red bougainvillea, and the fountains and small gardens, in which you can pick grapes and pomegranates in season, remind one of the meaning of the word galbana, from Arabic, suggesting a pleasurable idleness, a feeling of well-being which is what we would like you to enjoy.

Spectacular Views

Calm and quietness are the defining qualities of La Galbana, due to its setting at the southern limit of the historical centre of Vejer, which isolates it from the streets.

The views on the southernmost coastline of Spain and on the coast and mountains of Morocco are truly spectacular, turning La Galbana into a privileged ornithological observation point from which you can watch the flights of storks, black or white, booted eagles, short-toed eagles, white tailed kites and swallows.

Swimming Pool

The pool is in the main court, surrounded by shady fruit trees and flower shrubs. The apartments open to this green space through their small terraces, the sound of water audible from inside each

The trellised enclosures both connect and separate indoor and outdoor spaces, expanding the visual limits of the apartments and creating a cosy feeling in each of them in its to nature.


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